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Friday, November 7, 2008

Why Is Obama Picking On Nancy Reagan?

What did Nancy Reagan ever do to Obama to deserve being mocked at Obama's first press conference? Not only inappropriate, but telling. UPDATE: Obama apologizes.

1 comment:

  1. I think you conservatives are so funny I am not a liberal nor a far-right conservative I think you all have been brainwashed and (only a fool has his mind made up before he finds himself) but in regard to barak picking on nancy reagan I am a christian and find it funny that the spirituality of the conservative right christians defends her (nancy reagan's) choices while in the white house to consult mediums and spiritists (something that YHWH clearly warned against and punished through the prophets- the Spirit of Jesus) What a bunch of whiners you all are. Where is the GOP christian charity or financial investment in the poor neighborhoods. Where has that ever been besides in the welfare programs which by the way once implemented serve and have served also to stabilize the economy as a whole. Do your research you bunch of whiners, in economics they are called automatic stabilizers and these programs are helping many Americans of all colors and classes in these hard economic times which is exactly what they were designed to do in times of crisis. You're all a bunch of white washed frauds in my book. Maybe Obama will serve as a symbol of dedication and hard work and what it can achieve to the historically disenfrachised in this country which is what Jesus is so powerful at accomplishing throughout history. At least these disenfranchised might be inspired to more than people like you would ever care to offer them. God bless our country and no matter what happens whether this country fails or succeeds may all true christian soldiers of all classes and colors stand firm in their faith. I am against baraks stand on abortion but also against his stand that racial equality is the equivalent of gay rights. One is a birth trait the other a free choice. Im tired of all this ignorance. Lord grant us a new party devoid of your petty racial fears and partisan stranglehold on the lives of those of us who still know what true freedom is.