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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Prepare for Retribution

Delusion is a dangerous thing. While the polls have tightened, and anything is possible, Obama still appears headed to a victory. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Given the zeal with which the Obama campaign, it supporters, and the mainstream media have attacked anyone who dares criticize The One, those who have spoken out against Obama should prepare for retribution. You will be labeled racist, and that label will be used to deprive you of your free speech and your job. You will be called selfish, and required to reeducate. You will be investigated, and your records searched for any possible infraction. You won't be imprisoned, but you will feel the full weight of the state and state supporters brought down on you as it has been used against dissidents in the Soviet Union, Cuba, and Venezuela. You can save yourself by recanting and confessing your sins, but you will never be fully trusted.

In just about every aspect of your political life, you will be ridiculed and belittled. There will be no sanctuary cities for you.

It will be a long, cold 4-year winter for conservatives and those who believe in economic and political freedom. Spring will come, but only after a long struggle.

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