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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama Supporters and the Soviet Flag: The Ignorance of History is Astounding

In the video below, Obama supporters celebrating his victory unfurled the flag of the former Soviet Union. I assume these young revelers, just back from class on deconstructing everything that supposedly is wrong with the United States, have never read the works of Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, or heard of the Gulag, the purges, the mass deportation of entire ethnic groups such as the Crimean Tatars (the first and ultimate "ethnic cleansing"), the Berlin Wall (meant to keep people in, not out), and the suppression of Eastern Europe.

These were not acts contrary to the ideals of the Soviet Union, but were the essence of the Soviet Union. Unlike the United States, which showed an ability to change, which fought a war over slavery, which enacted civil rights legislation, and then put that legislation into action, the Soviet Union and communism in general have shown an inability to change for freedom. How ironic that at the very moment Obama supporters were celebrating the historic election of a black person as President, they would unfurl a flag which represents the worst of history.

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