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Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama and Rahm Emanuel: When Will You Stop Being Surprised?

Barack Obama is one of the most aggressive politicians this nation has ever seen, but his aggression is masked by soothing talk and words of hope. Is it really surprising that Obama has named Rahm Emanuel, nicknamed Rahmbo for his aggressive partisan style, as White House Chief of Staff? How could a president-elect who based his campaign on hope and change appoint as Chief of Staff a Clinton-era staffer the Chicago Tribune described as a "profane, ruthless, savvy operative"?

Obama first got elected to the state senate by eliminating all his opponents through challenges to nominating petitions. Obama got elected to the U.S. Senate when his supporters gained access to the divorce records of his opponent, allowing Obama to opine that divorce records should not be part of the campaign. Obama preached hope and change, while his supporters did the dirty work.

While running for President, Obama built his momentum and delegate lead through caucuses, where there is no secret ballot and the best organized candidate wins. Stories of intimidation of Clinton supporters in these open forums abound. In both the primary and the general elections, Obama skillfully used the race issue both to inspire people to vote for him, and to silence criticism of his background and policies.

Despite this clear history of Obama being someone who does whatever it takes to win, many are expressing shock and surprise that Obama appointed the ultimate Clinton-era political operator as Chief of Staff. Get real people! If you think Obama isn't going to push hard on his agenda, you are ignoring history at your peril.

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  1. "It is amazing how many of the horrors of the 20th century were a result of charismatic quacks misleading millions of people to their own doom. What is even more amazing is that, after a century that saw the likes of Hitler, Lenin and Mao, we still see no need to distrust charisma as a basis for choosing leaders, either in politics or in numerous organizations and movements."
    -- Thomas Sowell