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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Now We Find Out Which Obama Is Behind Door No. 2

Will President Obama be the moderate of the presidential campaign, the liberal of the primary campaign, or the radical of the past? Which Obama will assume the presidency when we open Door No. 2?

  • The Obama who voted straight party line in the Senate, or the Obama who campaigned as being beyond partisanship;
  • The Obama who used class warfare to belittle and vilify the "richest 5%" in order to gain political advantage, or the Obama who wants to bring us all together;
  • The Obama who tolerated racial hate speech in his church and his choice of political friends, or the Obama who later distanced himself from these friends during the campaign;
  • The Obama who used the "race card" to suppress legitimate criticism of his record and policies, or the Obama who campaigned on a platform of being post-racial;
  • The Obama who views this country as fundamentally flawed, or the Obama who campaigned on a theme of love of country;
  • The Obama who for over a decade articulated a desire to nationalize health care through a single payer system, or the Obama who campaigned on preserving the private healthcare system;
  • The Obama who was comfortable around with most anti-Israel elements of our society, or the Obama who pledges to support Israel's security;
  • The Obama whose campaign intimidated critics by threatening prosecution of political speech, or the Obama who supports free political debate;
  • The Obama whose campaign deliberately disabled standard security functions on its credit card fundraising system (so as to allow foreigners to contribute, and citizens to exceed legal limits), or the Obama who decries the role of money in politics;
  • The Obama who urged his supporters to "get in the face" of those who disagree, or the Obama who wants us all to get along; or
  • The Obama who wants to deprive workers of a secret ballot on union votes, or the Obama who supports the working class.

Or maybe we'll get none of the above. At this point, nothing would be a surprise.

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