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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Where Is The Video Of NY Times Editors Butchering The News?

"A Sarah Palin Thanksgiving"

I thought this story was a joke, when I saw it posted on the Internet, but it is true. The NY Times Editorial Board has posted a blog entry criticising Sarah Palin for conducting a videotaped television interview against the backdrop of turkeys being slaughtered. According to The Times, "you don’t have to be a huge animal lover to question why Governor Palin chose to be interviewed — while issuing a traditional seasonal pardon of a turkey — while turkeys were being executed in the background."

I think the interview is great. How does The Times think turkeys get to the supermarket? Are they born wrapped in plastic with a pop-up timer? This interview, and the media's reaction, is priceless.

I'd rather watch this video, than watch NY Times editors butcher the news to fit their political agenda.

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