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Monday, April 4, 2011

L.A. Times Announces Obama's New Campaign Website - http://www.latimes.com

If ever there were a Freudian slip, it is in this article at the L.A. Times announcing the start of Obama's 2012 election campaign:

At the close of the article, the LA Times made sure to point readers to Obama's campaign website:

Go grab your screenshots while it's still there (I've got mine).

(h/t to reader Dave in Fort Worth)

Update:  They have fixed the link now, but nothing really has changed -

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  1. Announcement a bit late....if that "town hall" meeting he had on Univision wasn't a campaign event, I'll eat my hat. Intended to help latinos improve their education opportunities....I'm wondering what sort of promises he already made to our fastest growing demographic group! Also, wondering why his opponents aren't courting latinos. They are voting, even many when they aren't even legal residents. Ugh.

  2. Well, at least, now that Obama has officially announced his campaign start, the news types will start talking about how great the economic recovery is, how Qadaffi is in full sprint mode out of Libya and how Palin appears to be gaining weight. You would think they would concentrate on Liberal accomplishments, but I guess there'a plan in place.

  3. "It begins with us" (right after we take it from them).

  4. Can't those "layers and layers of fact-checkers" multitask a little with some proofreading?

    Maybe they have been ... and nothing seemed amiss.

  5. Speaking of proofreading, I'm considering making stickers for the old truck that read:

    on the left bumper "BAR ACKOBAMA 2012"

    and the right "PAL IN 2012"

  6. Also - the GOP has complained that he moved too slowly? Seems like a lot of the GOP has complained that he moved at all. I hate soundbite reporting, especially when it moves into newspapers that actually could give a fuller picture if they cared to do so.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I hope Obama will lead America twice. In this comment, I just wanna give an opinion, I think Obama should be a peacemaker. Stop war and keep peace. We hate wars.


  9. So, electronic english, all you are saying is....what, exactly?


  10. Gee: I'd say pretty much all mainstream media sites could double as campaign sites for Barack Obama...