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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And I Thought It Was A Plan


(h/t @drjjoyner)

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  1. That is why I find it SO difficult to blog. I can't imagine anything that is going on with me is that important for other people to read day in and day out. Still looking for my niche I suppose.

  2. talk about other things besides yourself. Give your unique perspective on stuff that interests you.

  3. The best put down of all time, which I first heard stated as an aside, from my best friend.

    It was her inimitable way of describing an annoying mutual acquaintance of ours (at the time) a guy who simply could not get off "the" topic . . .

    "But, getting back to me . . . "

  4. The clip probably has even more truth to in regard to certain Twitterers . . . whose incessant Tweets can quickly expose a kind of "personal presumption of celebrity" on their part.

    As if anyone really cares that you took a cab on the way to the conference! Or, that you bought a hot dog from a street vender because you missed lunch!

    Now, if while buying a hot dog on the street, you notice that Wolf Blitzer is ahead of you in line, and following a brief friendly exchange, he reveals to you what his lead will be that evening, then maybe you've got something.