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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mr. Speaker

What do you think?

The happiest person in the room?  Mitch McConnell.

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  1. What do I think? I have no words. Suffice to say that Speaker Boehner is head and shoulders above that horror show Herr Pelosi in every conceivable way.

  2. ABC News spliced a video send up of Boehner's crying moments, and the left will be all over that the next couple of days.

    And you're linked: 'John Boehner Takes Gavel as GOP Takes Over Majority in House of Representatives'.

  3. For awhile I thought Pelosi might never shut up. I believe that is why Boehner started to cry - he thought it might not end.

    Could anyone fault him had he snatched the gavel and crowned her with it?

  4. I know the left is all over Boehner's propensity to cry for the slightest reasons but it will only get worse if he doesn't get a grip. Besides, I find these repeated emotional breakdowns very disturbing. His breakdown on "60 Minutes" was embarrassing to watch. He may be a nice guy but having a Speaker who is emotionally unstable does not inspire confidence.

    It's not like he's some dim-witted shlub who finally won his long coveted club bowling championship after 40 years of trying. He's 3rd in line for POTUS! Get a grip already John! Man up!

  5. Boehner did a heck of a job today. He was quite gracious and forceful at the same time.

    Byron York had a great piece today about the contrast between Boehner and Pelosi.


  6. I'd love to compare this speech to that SOTU speech we will hear in a few days. I bet the blaming and childish digs will be easily discernible to the listener.