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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Something I Will Not Do

A gunman has taken hostages at the Discovery Channel headquarters.  According to reliable reports, the guy is an environmental activist motivated by fears for the planet, and spouting rhetoric about how the planet doesn't need people.

Guess what it is I will not do?

(Hint - rub their faces in their hypocrisy and intellectual shallowness). 

Because someone already is doing that:

(Hint No. 2 - Because I'm busy, so I'll get to it later.)

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  1. The extremist in question is Californian. Somebody should have just told this guy to get a job working for California's massive environmental/energy policy bureaucracy, where he'd be able to hold the entire California economy hostage in the name of "saving the planet."

  2. Worse is the effort by leftists to paint the gunman as a right-winger: 'Charles Johnson, Think Progress Strain to Portray Discovery Gunman as Right-Wing Anti-Immigrant Extremist'. That said, I'm glad the hostages weren't killed and I wish James Lee would have gotten some help.

  3. he chuckles...
    hey, if all you right wingers would just fallen in line like good little children in regards to the environment this guy would not have felt he was forced into this situation. so it is all your fault this happened.