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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"And He Wants To Call Me An Extremist?"

Yes!  Finally an ad from Sharron Angle hoisting Harry Reid's "extremist" campaign by its own petard.

The Vaporizer must be "extremely" upset.

(h/t @MattKLewis)

Update: Nevada Journalists Defend Angle Against Unfair Attack
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  1. Home run! She's got it. Oh, yeah. Keep 'em coming, Sharron!!

  2. He not only dragged Nevada down, but also the entire country. You go, Sharron!

  3. Besides the Nevada and the country, let's also include the world. The actions of Barney, Pelosi, and Reid have resonated far from our shores. We really need to point out that the bizarre financial instruments that came out of Wall Street were the product of pressure from this group.