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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Something Ezra Klein Needs To Do Before Joining WaPo

Ezra Klein got a promotion. He's moving from The American Prospect to The Washington Post. He is receiving Obama-like kudos:
This is a great move by the Post, and a risk. Ezra is among the cream of the crop of the new phase of journalism -- a mixture of reporting, analysis, opinion, and expertise, told in modular sequence and with granular detail.
Mixed with this praise is a cheap shot from Matthew Yglesias aimed at people who disagree with him:

"My very good friend Ezra Klein has been hired by The Washington Post to do a blog for their website .... So first off, congratulations to everyone—good for Ezra, great hire for the Post, etc. ....That said, to be perfectly honest I do have some concerns about this. After all, one thing all decent progressive blogs do is point out semi-regularly that the Washington Post opinion section is a pretty rotten operation. You have liars like Charles Krauthammer and George Will penning regular columns, alongside less-egregious but still pretty pernicious stuff like David Ignatius’ apologia for war crimes and so forth."
(Which cheap shot has been refuted by a relatively neutral observer.)

But Ezra Klein has some unfinished business before he heads to the big time. While he obviously is a skilled blogger and analyst, even if I disagree with him frequently, he has never apologized for smearing fellow blogger Ann Althouse as an anti-Semite because a very small number of comments on one of her posts about Klein allegedly were anti-Semitic. See my post, Ezra Klein Smears Ann Althouse. That accusation was both untrue and beneath Klein.

Clearing the air on that outrageous accusation would be an honorable way for Klein to start his new career. And it would set a good example for some of the people praising Klein's stardom.

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