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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Now He's Embarrassing Himself

President Barack Obama bowed down to a foreign monarch as part of his apology tour. Whatever one thinks about our relationship with the Saudis, no President has prostrated himself before a Saudi King before in a sign of subservience. The attempts to twist George Bush's participation in Arab rituals of respect, such as the "hand holding," "medal award" and "dancing" examples used to deflect attention from Obama's gaff, bear no relation to what Obama did. Obama's conduct embarrassed the country.

Obama's spin machine was unusually silent on the issue, and the mainstream media played along by making believe the incident never happened. But now, in response to a question by the Politico (doing the work of the mainstream media), Obama's spokeman is claiming that there was no "bow" and that Obama merely was reaching out with both hands to the shorter King.

As many others have noted, the video disproves Obama's spin. As Michael Goldfarb of The Weekly Standard puts it, who you going to believe, Obama or your lying eyes?

Now Obama is embarrassing himself.

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  1. Now now let us not be harsh with He Whose Middle Name is Hussein: it was not so much a bow as respect for his mohammedan homies. Feel better?

  2. Is the Saudi King shorter than the Queen of England. I thought she was pretty short, and rich and old too.