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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Obama Throws Venezuelans Under The Bus

Obama's warm embrace of Hugo Chavez was worse than his bowing down to the King of Saudi Arabia. In the case of Saudi Arabia, there is no apparent movement for freedom, so all Obama threw under the bus was our country's dignity. As to Chavez, however, Obama threw freedom-loving Venezuelans under the bus.

Chavez is a megalomaniac who has destroyed almost every semblance of press and individual freedom in Venezuela in his quest to become President-for-life. He also has aligned himself with and serves as an agent of Iran and Hezbollah. Chavez goes out of his way to undermine other Latin American countries, including funding and supporting the FARC narco-guerrillas in Columbia.

Yet for this, Obama greets Chavez with not a polite diplomatic handshake, but a warm clasping of hands as befits two old friends meeting again, and a loving hand placed on Chavez's shoulder. Chavez's press office was so pleased that it is circulating the photos.

By contrast, in a break with standing practice, when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu comes to Washington soon, Obama is refusing to meet with him.

When are those who fantasized about Obama being an agent of hope in the world going to realize that in Obama's quest to be liked by those who hate us, he is throwing freedom-loving peoples under the bus. Obama doesn't need to invade countries, or even attack them. But he could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the hopes and aspirations of Venezuelans, Iranians and others, instead of with their oppressors.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin and Ed Morrissey have more. LGF calls it "absolutely sickening." Powerline has a good post with quotes and close up photos.

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  1. Obama's handshake is awful, but the CBC's visit to Cuba was worse. However, I'm expecting pics of Obama shaking hands w/ Fidel Castro within a year (if Fidel lives that long).

    Obama's refusal to see Netanyahu is a disgrace. He sends friendly and flattering (though still arrogant) "happy nowruz" messages to Iran and then refuses to see an (American) ally's fairly elected Prime Minister.

    I find it bizarre that people don't seem to understand that pulling back American criticism and even going so far as offering support for violent despots bolsters both their international credibility and their domestic foundations.

    Obama's behavior honestly makes me sick to my stomach.

  2. i agree Yukio, and he is an utter disgrace to us Americans. what a shame it has gone this way. not only is he ignoring Americas'a allies, but he is ignoring Americans (hence the tea parties).