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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wisconsin Protests - It's Come To This

Via Wisconsin State Journal [if embed doesn't work for you, check out the video at the link]:

In other news, it's Sunday, and Kloppenburg is still losing it.

I like this commentary, It's Not About Counting Votes:

Still, the recount continues.

Why? Because the Democrats are playing for time. They hope to keep the momentum going into the recall elections while preventing Prosser from being able to hear the challenge to Governor Scott Walker’s changes to collective bargaining privileges when the issue comes before the state Supreme Court.

This isn’t about counting votes. This is a raw exercise in power by the Democrats, and Waukesha County is paying for it. This isn’t what democracy looks like, as the Democrats keep chanting. This is what a banana republic looks like.

There was never a real cause for a recount except to preserve Democratic power, but the recount continues still.
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  1. Move over BDS .... you've got some competition for the Oscar in the nausea category.