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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Only in New York....


I just came back from having lunch with my boyfriend near his office in Battery Park. It's a truly lovely day in New York, roughly 65° with clear blue skies. My day was going swimmingly, in fact, until I stumbled upon a rally of misfits protesting outside of the building that hosts American Express and a few select financial companies. This is nothing new and, in fact, I typically agree with the first part of their chant ("No bailouts for the banks!") until they hit the second line, "While we lose our homes!" .... or something, I tuned them out.

Anyway, I wish I had paid attention because minutes later I saw the Charlie Rangel. Not much to report as he was unusually docile. In fact, it may be the longest period I have seen his mouth stay shut ...

Just know that, while you're working hard, a bunch of statists are wandering around the World Trade Center whining about how your money (well, maybe not yours - I guess it's a few generations down by now) should be spent. They know best -- I mean, they had the whole day to think about it.
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