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Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm the NRA, and I Eat Meat

Spotted in Ithaca:

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  1. Does the "Coexist" sticker belong with the others?

  2. I take this as "Just 'cause I'm a Conservative, doesn't mean I'm a Christian." Most assume the words "Conservative Christian" are inseparable.


    They often go together, but Conservative does NOT mean Christian, and Christian does NOT mean Conservative. Many Conservatives don't have any religious affiliation. But they are solid, America-loving, Conservatives.

    That particular "Coexist" bumper sticker means to me "Freedom of Religion" - a fundamental, First Amendment right in the US. We ALL live together in peace, unlike Europe throughout most of its history - fraught with religious wars, both civil and international.

    Isn't that what "Coexist" really means, anyway?

  3. Wow. On the one hand, a "can't we all just get along" idealist who, nevertheless, also openly embraces a strong traditional gun rights realist view as well.

    My guess is that Van Jones won't bother trying to recruit the driver for his latest human rights for animals campaign!

  4. @ sykes.1

    That is called camouflage.

  5. I'm guessing husband (driver) and wife (passenger) - one car family.

  6. Beat me to it; 'Coexist' definitely seems out of place. Maybe the person bought the car used and couldn't get that one off :P

  7. Isn't co-existence one of the tenets of principled libertarianism (as opposed to liberaltarianism or angry atheism)?

    Speaking of mankind and meat, crack of dawn this morning B.F. coined a bumper sticker slogan for women to live by: "To Meet a Man's Needs ..." Well, the rest involves reverse ordering the homonyms of meet and need and adding a possessive pronoun.

  8. I think the Coexist sticker is great! We know the lefty use of the sticker really only means "Coexistence: agree with me or you're a contemptible racist (or misogynist, or polluter, or homophobe, or religious bigot, or intolerant jerk who sucks"

    So I see that sticker as a wonderfully ironic "back-at-ya". I'd love to see more of them on cars with more conservative leaning bumper stickers. "No, you must agree with me for us to coexist. So there!"

  9. Had the car been keyed?

    As for the Coexist sticker, I have to agree with K's interpretation.

  10. @K

    "So I see that sticker as a wonderfully ironic 'back-at-ya.'"

    That's why I have a "Dissent is Patriotic" sticker right next to my "Impeach Obama" sticker.

  11. I think somebody has been listening to Flanders & Swann's "The Reluctant Cannibal":

    "If the Ju-Ju had meant us
    Not to eat people
    He wouldn't have made us of meat!"

  12. This is my co-exist sticker!


  13. @Braxton Hicks ... heh! That thought did cross my mind. But the bottom row (bumper) messaging seems to be exclusively of one mind.

    So I guess I'm now leaning a bit more toward the "back at ya" view, though not entirely.

    Years ago an acquaintance of mine put a "Buy American" bumper sticker on the back of his Volkswagen. Just because. And it was before they really started opening foreign car plants here in the U.S.

    I'm sure it was part of his, "It's all in the look on their face" philosophy. He was goofing.

  14. What K said,

    "Coexistence: agree with me or you're a contemptible racist (or misogynist, or polluter, or homophobe, or religious bigot, or intolerant jerk who sucks"

    Indeed, welcome to California!

  15. Trochilus, I'll go you one better. I had a buddy who put a Nader for President sticker....on his Corvair. I thought it was brilliant, but so few people "got" it.

  16. COEXIST spin-off stickers needing good graphics:

    PRO-EXIST (right-to-lifers)
    Y-EXIST (nihilists)
    eCO-EXIST (greens)
    CO-EXIT (dyslectic obsessive-compulsives)
    S-EXIST (radical feminists, Taliban)
    EX-IST (divorcees)