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Monday, May 2, 2011

Hmmm ... Obama Passed Up Earlier Opportunity To Get Bin Laden

So reports Jake Tapper of ABC.

Apparently bin Laden's compound was identified positively in March, and the military wanted to drop a dozen or so guided bombs and reduce the compound to ashes. 

According to Tapper, Obama passed on the request because there would have been no body to recover and hence no DNA to positively identify bin Laden.  And there would have been collateral damage and civilian deaths.

In hindsight, it was a good move.  But hindsight is hindsight. 

Among the many lies which have permitted the public consciousness is that George Bush "let bin Laden get away" at Tora Bora.

If yesterday's strike were unsuccessful, or if bin Laden had moved on to a new location in the prior weeks, would Obama have been excoriated by the press for letting bin Laden get away?

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  1. That was a rhetorical question, right?

  2. If yesterday's mission had failed, we would have never heard about it. The fact that it was successful, has now moved Jimmy Carter back into the lead as "worst president ever" by the slim margin of his Iran hostage rescue failure.

  3. Oh, give it a rest, guys. Bill, this bit of muck is really beneath you. It's the sort of garbage I'd expect from HuffPo and the like.

  4. Obama passed on the request because there would have been no body to recover and hence no DNA to positively identify bin Laden. And there would have been collateral damage and civilian deaths.

    And even with DNA to identify the body, the stupidity goes on. (There's apparently a faked photo making the rounds, too. You'll have to filter those yourself - "-photo" doesn't do it.)

  5. Well, NC, you are the local expert on stupidity.

  6. I'm sorry, Robbie. Feeling a little testy today? (Who was it who pointed out that "Reality has a liberal bias"?)

    Just remember, Obama just did in 2 years what Bush couldn't do in 8. (Of course, since Bush wasn't paying attention to bin Laden, that might've had something to do with it...)

  7. Obama has already let the body get away by insanely allowing it to be buried at sea. The fact that alleged DNA was taken prior to the gangster death (did they use cement shoes on Osama?) is of no credibility, since they had such DNA before the killing. The independent media was not allowed in to view the corpse and take photos, again, a foolish mistake. And the last foolish mistake is not putting pork chops in Osama's nether regions, so that he would be prevented for all eternity from shacking up with those 72 virgins. With his nether regions, haram, Obama would truly be a fish out of water.

  8. @ShowBiz ... on the porkchops up the backside thing ... I like to think we're a little better than a bunch of savages of medieval mindset who like to hang bodies from bridges and drag them through the streets. OBL is DRT as the result of a very nicely done headshot or two or three. Let's leave the demonstrations of barbaric behavior to the Islamic fundies, shall we?

  9. IMHO, the White House was a passenger on a train engineered by our military - they had the choice to get on board, or get ran over. There is no way that Obama made the decision to make it happen... this is the same guy who wouldn't even speak to his military commanders for months on end and has never made a decision that wasn't forced. Obama had already vetoed at least one earlier mission, he wasn't given the chance to screw it up again. In fact, Carney just did a mighty huge back flip in the press conference that just finished to explain Obama's demeanor Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

  10. Had *anybody* with knowledge of this operation contacted the Pak ISI as little as a few hours ahead of time, OBL would have been long gone and the SEALS been walking into an ambush. Thank God our intelligence operations are not as leaky as Congress.