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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wow, What A Pair

It takes someone with a big pair to display this pair of bumper stickers in Ithaca:

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  1. must be a Marine.

  2. Your truck, Professor?


    Seriously, this takes a big pair in just about any college town.

  3. My guess is a woman owns this Betty Rocker truck. Sooo, her big pair might fill out a shirt.

    Still could be a Marine. Anyway, good for her!

  4. My conservative bumper stickers are magnetic. I think that if you're going to put conservative bumper stickers on permanently, it's a good idea to include one supporting the second amendment, preferably with a picture of a gun, whether you own one or not.

    That will give the little vandalizing lefties second thoughts.

  5. It is a brave thing, indeed. It's fun to annoy the opposition.

  6. I wonder if global warming is the reason for the recent explosion in the bi-polar bear population?


  7. Walking to my local Target in Fairfield, NJ I saw a car with homemade Obama-jocker sticker & another one with "1.20.13 - End of A Mistake". I wasn't looking for them, they were simply there - two cars randomly parked in same row. I only wonder how many more I'd have seen had I checked the rest of a parking lot. In liberal NJ suburbia.