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Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Modern Theory of Relativity

Anything goes.

Spotted in Ithaca this morning:

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  1. Consistent with two other incomprehensible liberal bafflegab/technobabble philosophies:

    "Math is in the eye of the beholder."

    "Science is in the eye of the beholder."

    I swear, it's like these people got PhDs by studying only one book, the same book, for twelve years. Nothing is worse than someone who really really knows a sliver of anything and thinks they know everything because nothing else is worth knowing.

  2. For some people it's close... for far too many it's a distant, distant cousin. Twice removed. By marriage.

  3. Hi! I had a related experience I wanted to share. I was in a Starbucks, when I took a photo of a progressive's laptop, embellished with the COEXIST sticker that is also on your photographed car. When she got a good look at my FOX BUSINESS badge, I got a look that showed that it was a theory, not a practice:


  4. Perhaps the driver has an Uncle Norm.

  5. The urban equivalent of a brightly colored warning on a poisonous dart frog.

  6. And this isn't the one that got away!?! That car must have been more sticker than steel.

  7. I wonder if those stickers placed on a foreign made car are American made?

  8. Honestly, Ithaca must be even nuttier than Eugene, aka Moscow on the Willamette, where it's Halloween every day!

  9. Not really surprised at the Apple sticker in the top left, either.

  10. For a tongue-in-cheek explanation of the bumper sticker phenom - see this


    It's really funny and if you don't like it - see this:

  11. Obviously not an Ithaca that Odysseus would have longed to return to.