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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

NY Times -- The Orphan Who Killed Its Parents

I recently placed "tags" on my prior posts, to make it easier for readers to find posts by topic. Among the tags were "NY Times" and "media bias." As I began tagging the stories, however, I realized that every story I tagged "NY Times" also was being tagged "media bias."

The history of NY Times biases are so well documented, I won't harp on them here. This once great paper, which I read daily until a few years ago when I couldn't take it anymore, is not just biased, it is manipulative. From its carefully timed hit pieces, to its foaming at the mouth columnists, to its attempts to damage national security, the NY Times deserves what it is getting. It is no wonder that the NY Times reports a 20% drop in ad revenue, and its stock price is down to six bucks.

It would be easy to feel sorry about the demise of the NY Times. This country really, really needs good investigative journalists, a newspaper of national scope which can stand up to whatever administration happens to be in power, and an independent voice. The NY Times no longer represents these attributes.

The NY Times reminds me of the person who killed his parents, and then pleads for sympathy because he is an orphan. So Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and best wishes to all, except the NY Times.

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