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Monday, October 27, 2008

Fear Stalks The Land

I created this blog after a conversation with a good friend of mine, someone I respect tremendously for his personal strength under pressure. The topic turned to politics (he brought it up), and we had quite the argument (still friends) over the election. My friend supports Obama, and was shocked that I support McCain.

What struck me most were not the words spoken, but the sense of fear in my friend's voice. I had never heard that from him before. Fear of the economy and market turmoil more than anything. Fear that his personal stock portfolio had been damaged affecting his retirement. Fear that had manifested itself in an unquestioning belief in Obama's "hope" message.

Fear is stalking this land, and being stoked by Obama. The genius of Obama is that he has taken a message of fear, and sold it as hope. And the public buys it.

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